What You Need to Know Before Buying a Home in Rochester

Before moving to a new city, how much did you really know about the city? For many people, the best they know about a city is that they have family or friends there. Or maybe they’ve gotten some experience from their travels. The truth is, when you consider to buy home in New York or even buy house in Rochester NY, you need to do more than light work to make sure it’s the best location for you.

You may know the basics. You like the idea of ​​moving to Rochester, New York, because you have heard stories from other people who live there. Or you like it when you visit it once or twice. However, if you are going to live there, you need to know what it is like. Is it really suitable for you? What’s the average rent? Cost to buy a house in NY? How much will you pay for utilities on average? Is there public transportation in the city, and if so, how much does it cost?…et cetera, et cetera.

Why buy house in Rochester NY ?

Before we continue to discuss common questions about moving to Rochester, New York, let us first introduce you to some facts about the city of Rochester. We find it interesting and we think you want to learn about the city.

  • Rochester is ranked 3rd in the 2013 Forbes list of best places to raise a family
  • Snowfall is expected to reach 89.3 inches per year
  • You must try the garbage plate, Rochester’s popular dish.
  • U.S. News and World Report Quality of Life Ranking, the ranking places Rochester, New York at number 19. The ranking is based on crime rate, availability and quality of healthcare, average travel time, health status and education.

Sounds like a very interesting place to stay, right? Before you buy a house in NY or Rochester region, you need to know more information, like :

In Rochester NY, how much do local people pay for public utilities?

Although the amount you pay depends on the service provider you choose, numbeo.com states that the average utility bill in Rochester, New York is $128 per month. This includes gas, electricity and water.

What is the cost of living in Rochester compared to the United States?

Well, this may sound crazy, because New York is a very expensive place to live. However, Rochester (89 points) is 31 points cheaper than New York State (120 according to areavibes.com) and 11 points cheaper than other cities in the United States (100).

What is the average house price in Rochester, New York?

The average house price in Rochester, New York is $128,000. The average monthly rent in Rochester is $809.

Other things to know about Rochester -

  • The food is great!
  • The public transportation system is well developed.
  • The average annual income of residents of Rochester, New York is approximately $47,500, and there are also many job opportunities.
  • Rochester will definitely have heavy snowfall in the region, but locals have learned to cope up with it and ultimately appreciate spring, summer, and fall.


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